Champagne & Cocktail Bar

Queen Of Mykonos

Queen of Mykonos is an extraordinary experience, a venue like no other, we will take you on a journey of indulgence, escapism that will wake up all your senses. A unique night club for the extravagant. Designed for affable experiences and indulgent fun, without pretentiousness but exuding an abundance of class and style.
Queen is a Champagne & Cocktail Bar in Mykonos, located in the stunning center of Chora, is a world of opulence and sensuous glamour, it’s the hottest club in Mykonos, the center of attention that has been frequented by celebrities and socialites alike, literally becoming the talk of the cosmopolitan island.
We provide quintessential Mykonos experience: New Happenings, Premium Service & Unforgettable Moments! Here in Queen, you don’t need a reason to convert an Ordinary Night into a Big Feast! We serve elegant Champagne & exotic Cocktails by our experienced bartenders that turn Classic Cocktails into Feasts of Senses, variety of unique flavors of Narghile. Our extra provisions are that we serve the perfect oyster dish and fine cigars…let us treat you!
Our specials

We recommend

  • Queen

    Vodkla fermented with champagne yeast, Champagne shrub, Mandarin, Yuzu, Gold flakes

  • Legendary

    Vodka, Passion, Mandarin, Honey

  • Pandora

    Moet et Chandon, Mango, Passion fruit

  • Kinky Life

    Rum blend, Falernum, Don’s mix, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Pastis